Rude comments from other expecting moms?? ๐Ÿ˜

I dont know why but this is REALLY bothering me ... I posted a mirror selfie of me & my growing belly on instagram yesterday, (usually its just a belly pic, & not my face in it) but i felt confident enough to post this one .. At almost 35 weeks! ย & someone i went to school with, who is also expecting her first (in May) commented on my picture & said exactly this . "Holy Moly hahaha" ..
I dont even know what that is supposed to mean ? Is she implying im big? & what is with the "hahaha"ย 
I just really dont understand the point of the comment ... I didnt say anything ย because i figured i'd be the one to look stupid if i took offence to it .. & i always comment on her pics being nice & telling her she's looking great ..! I could just be being oversensitive..ย 
I guess it just bothered me because i feel as expecting mothers we should support eachother .. Not bring eachother down? Any one else agree ?ย