AHHHHH I don't my due date now..

So my friend brought up a really good point yesterday while we were at work. And said "Your due date isn't the fourth of Aug. Your probably due June or July." She said if your 10 weeks now, we're already in Jan and thats 7 1/2 months almost 8 months it doesnt make sense so now im not sure when im due. 😧 I would love to have a june baby as my bd is June, either way I'm happy just a little nervous bc if she's right Ill be expecting sooner then I thought and thats alot of pressure.. ughhh. It also mean I had my period while i was already pregnant and also had gotten a false negative when I had taken a test before I had gotten my positive one. ... my sononis on fri, and im excited and nervous but ahhhhh idk