Short cycle and luteal phase



I had my coil removed 6ish months ago. Since then my periods have been on average 23 days long meaning I go through the pain, nausea and heavy bleeding far too often for my liking. I've also noticed through opks etc that I ovulate around day 12-14 and therefore sometimes have a luteal phase of 10ish days. I asked my gp about this as I am concerned about short cycles and a short luteal phase and endometriosis are gonna affect our chances of TTC. Especially as I've had 9 cycles in 6 months. She wasn't helpful and dismissed my concerns.

Has anyone had problems/success with these issues? I know its only 6 months but feeling disheartened as its such hell every 23 days.

Anyone who has been through this or has any words of wisdom?


Good luck to you all

X x x