So I had sex with my friend last night, it was amazing, but after we were done. The condom was no where to be found! We turned his room upside down looking for it when suddenly he looks at me and says "maybe.. Maybe it's stuck inside of you..?" I looked at him and ran into the bathroom, looking for it inside but I couldn't find anything, so I told him it wasn't in me and for him to keep looking, I came home, looked again, still nothing. So I decided to go to sleep, I wake up and text him to see if he found anything, he says no, and asks if I did, I said no as well, then decided to go try again, I put my foot up on the sink and reach in, nothing. I push and reach deeper when suddenly I feel something that doesn't feel normal, I push my nail against it and pull and bam, out it comes. This is by far the weirdest experience of my entire life!! Has it happened to any of you? And is there any chance of pregnancy??