Chloe Ann 💜🎀

Went in on Wednesday 01.06.16 & I asked for a membrane sweep & scheduled to be induced on 01.12.16 at 5am... Went home & had cramps, couldn't sleep. Thursday we walked around & went to the InLaws & i sarted naving contractions, but not consistant & then BAM at 3:45 i had one and then another, so we started timing them. We were going to my grams for an intervention with my sister at 7 & my contractions were becoming more painful.. Called LD and told me they will be waiting for me. Hooked me up & I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes & 5 cm.. I asked if i could walk around.. Then i was a 7 . The dr on call wanted to pop my water so i asked for the epidural. (I think I would have made it without) then friday at 8:37 i was pushing! & she was born. Lil miss sis.