Opinions please!

Kyiah • Nursing student, working as a CNA. #Single
So, I know people really hate these but I need some advice.
​My last period was August 22nd.
​I had unprotected sex the 28th but I had just started my birth control and my boyfriend pulled out. I'm worried because I've had some early pregnancy symptoms. (Nausea, vomiting, sore breasts, extreme mood swings, bloody taste in my mouth, everything smells awful, weight gain and a crazy appetite.) I keep having dreams about being pregnant/having a baby. I took a pregnancy test. 2 actually but I took them at night during college.. They were both negative but I honestly feel like I'm pregnant and I can't shake it. I'm scared because I'm taking an antibiotic that could discolor my baby's teeth. What do I do? Digital pregnancy test?? Any other suggestions before i go to the doctor? Please respond.. I'm so lost.