Oh my gosh, these cramps are killing me!

Please, please help me. In the morning, I began to have horrible cramps, but I thought they were from something I ate and that it would pass. I went to school, where it would not go away. About three hours later, I felt my period in my pantiliner. I quickly put on a pad, and waited for the cramps to ease. But to my utter disappointment, they became worse. I got home, became tired, my back killed me. So I went to bed, hoping and praying to dear heaven that they will go away. I am now sitting in bed, two hours later feeling nauseous, my back is not allowing me to move, and I have only Tylenol at home. My mom is out of country, so I can't call her. Please, please help me!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?