Worth the read.

Hey girls so this weekend I went through something extremely hard. 
One of my best friends since middle school moved away last summer. He (yes he is a boy) was always there for me and I told him everything about me. I went though suicdal moments in Highschool and he was always my rock. There was only a friendship between us ever. But it was like he was my best friend. 
When he moved away it was extremely hard on me and he told me that I need to get through my senior year (which I am in right now) and he will be there for my every single step of the way. 
He got a girlfriend at the beginning of the school year and I of course approved of her because she makes him happy. But over the past month he has been telling me that she is extremely mentally and physically abusive. 
I never once said anything to her and he told me this weekend that if he doesn't stop talking to me then I will be the cause of her leaving him. I'm hurt and I feel like he chose her over me.  
I told him how I feel and he didn't answer me 
I don't know what to do and I really need help. I have tried talking to people but everyone just says to forget it. 
Be lives a 13 hour drive away from me and I feel hurt and lost. Please help me.