Leaving work or staying?

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I'm barely making any hours at my job "host/retail" and the way I've been feeling is impacting how I feel about work. I'm always tired and achey and I'm huge! Like huge!!! Here's a pic 
I'm 32wks 3d
I walk up these small hills to get to the train station and then I walk back and forth at work. I just feel like I'm wasting my time there because of the lack of hours and business and I'm just putting more strain on my body. Because I walk so much I don't look like or walk like your average 8m pregnant woman. But if I stay home I become so bored and annoyed lol. Ugh when should I stop working? I was thinking at 34 weeks because with my son I gave birth st 37wks and I don't want to break my water while trying to seat someone at a table lol. 
Or should I just stop working now?