No I won't

Amanda • Soon to be a momma of 2! Excited for another baby! Wish love to you all!
So many people tell each other to ignore the harsh words of others, when that does nothing. Those words are still in the minds of who it was said to. I don't care how many people on here just say "o buck up. Ignore it. Get off the app then, blah blah freaking blah".. When you ladies are every where, no matter where anyone goes.  This is the only "social media" I'm on, so you can't tell me to stay away from it.. If people should just ignore it, then just don't say stupid crap to them. Make it easy on them to not even have to read it. You have no idea who anyone is on here.. Your stupid words could push someone over the edge or who knows. 
Why would I be told to SHUTUP when I'm defending the ones YOU are tearing down. That makes sense 😅
Get your Victoria secret undies out of the crack of those widening hips and chill out.