I was suppose to start on the 6th of October. The past 2 weeks I've been soo sick! The first week I was sooo tired all I wanted to do was sleep! And I wanted my boyfriend to just leave me alone so I could sleep. Then my back was aching. Which still is.. My nose has randomly been running. I have headaches on and off. Yesterday I got extremely dizzy. I also have been. Getting very car sick for no reason. I have no cramps until this morning. Last night I couldn't sleep at all! I felt soo constipated! But today I woke up and l had some cramps. I went and used the bathroom I had diarrhea. And I wiped myself and there was a faint look of blood on the toilet paper.. I have taken 3 test in the past week. All were negative.. Please someone tell me what's going on!??