Trust traditional OPKs over digital?

Cecilia • Mommy to our rainbow princess Manuela Carolina (born Feb 2017) after a miscarriage in November 2015. Baby Boy due March 2020!
I test with traditional OPKs and digital OPKs. I  like seeing the progression of the traditional OPKs but like the exactness of the digital OPKs. 
I have been testing since CD 9. I usually ovulate between CD 12-14. Today I am at CD CD 13. We BDed at night on CD 11 and plan to tonight. 
HOWEVER I am questioning the results I'm getting with my digital OPK - all "no LH surge" until now. See my traditional OPKs below. Looks like I had my surge yesterday (second OPK from the bottom). 
What do you think? I'm just confused why my digital OPK wouldn't have been positive.  
HELP! So desperate for my rainbow!