Rant .. Sorry

So I've been so excited for my appointment today and got turned down when I got there. Here's why..... I applied for Medicaid when I found out I was pregnant. I was approved within a week and giving a DCN number. I have tried to call my doctor atleast 1-2 a week to give her my insurance before the appointment like she said to do so since November and no callback nor answer. So I decided was just going to bring my insurance info to the appointment and then give it to her. Well when I arrived and filled out the paper work and gave them my insurance information the receptionist said that my name isn't pulling up in the system.. She tried using my first name, middle names, last name, dob, social, and the DCN number on the paper. None of those pulled me up. So I had to call the family support division office which it took them 5 calls to answer. They told me that I came up in their system and that I need to call home state and pick a coverage plan. So I go back to the receptionist and she says I have to reschedule or pay $500 up front if I want to be seen today. BS! So I chose to reschedule took a week and half later. So when I leave I call the home state company and they ALSO can't find me in the system under NONE of my information so now I'm pissed. I'm not sure if I am being scammed or not so that pisses me off because they have all of my I for but th number still comes back as a government number. Second ALL OF THIS COULDVE BEEN AVOIDED if my doctors office would've answered the damn phone months ago when I first tried to
Give them the number. I would've already know. The number wasn't working so I could've gotten it fixed before then. But no they never want to return my voicemails. They never want to answer the phone so yes they're problem #1. Two, is the "Medicaid" if I would've none that they needed me to pick a coverage plan rather than just sending me a letter with nothing but a congratulations and a DCN number I WOULDVE KNOWN I HAD MORE STEPS TO TAKE. I'm just really pissed. I've literally broken down twice in the last 2 hours over this. And now I am trying to call the Medicaid company and they're no longer returning my calls after a woman said that she was going to transfer me.. Instead she hung up. I ended up reporting it to the state Medicaid fraud agency... Idk if I took it too far but it's very aggravating.