Stopping contractions

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Ok so I am 37wks and 3days from this app. Dr says I am 36wks and 3days. The issue I am having is the measurement say she will just be a small baby. But I bled til almost 6months. So who's right? Anyway I been in pain and miserable for quite some time. Last night during contractions my nose started bleeding so my love bf panicked so we went to hospital. Got bleeding under control. Contractions were 2-3 mins apart. And the on call dr hydrated me, gave antibiotics and stopped my contractions and sent me home at 330 this morning. At how many weeks will they stop stopping my contactions???? I see my actual dr tomorrow. I am going to ask for a standing order to not stop it anymore.... what ya all think???? I'm all for a healthy baby but we been stopping it for quiet some time already.