Please continue to pray for me

So tomorrow I will be 33 weeks and I'm getting closer to my due date. Right now I'm in between jobs but really just not wanting to working til after I have my daughter. With it being tax season I wanted to use the money to get stable with my baby. Right now I'm staying with my mom and her alcoholic boyfriend and my younger siblings. I want to use my tax money to get a car and move out.  Well I need at least 2 or 3 of you to pray that God will be in the midst of allowing that to happen. My mom is trying to claim me on her taxes And I'm 25 and she says it because I'm on her health insurance . Please pray with me that she changes her mind or something miraclous happen to allow her not too. I do not want to stay with my mom long because she trying to trap me and I don't want my daughter around her boyfriend . Please pray that I deliver a healthy beautiful live strong baby girl. I also ask that you pray for me to find a job that can turn into a career after I have my baby and allow me to use and get my tax money to get on my feet to be stable with my baby. Thank you I greatly appreciate the prayers and I'm also praying for all you ladies as well.