I had a miscarriage + dumped my SO!!

I passed the placenta this morning at 3:37am. My doctors prepared me for this and I'm grateful for their help and support. At 13 weeks I know that God wasn't ready for this to happen yet. My SO is such a ass, we've been dating 6 years (I'm 24 he's 26) on and off and we don't live together. I told him what the doctor said about the baby not moving and he told me that he had to work. I went through this BY MYSELF! He never came to a DR appointment never even came to the hospital when I was in there over night! So I cut him loose! I'm tired of being alone and even after I just lost the baby he hasn't called or checked on me only his mom and sister! 😡😡😡 I'm so hurt that all I want to do is cry!!!