Automn • Soon to be mama 💕 due 10/21/20 👶🏼
Okay so, I have this sort of like bump on my pee hole and I have no idea what it is. It's been there for awhile now. I haven't said anything to my doctor about it because I feel awkward to talk about it with her but I wanna know if anyone's ever had anything like it.... It doesn't hurt constantly, I only feel pain when it's touched. Like if my boyfriend rubs down there and he touches near it, it hurts. Other than that I don't feel pain. I don't think it's an std because I've only ever had unprotected sex with my current bf of almost a year and I took his virginity so he definitely doesn't have an std. And the only other person I had sex with, I was also his first so no std there either. 
I don't wanna be judged about this, I would just like some answers, cause I can't seem to find any anywhere else.