Using art to express emotions

Currently I am going through a time where I have many emotions. No, not something like pms. I am getting ready to move across the country. I have many changes, and mixed feelings. I'm extremely upset because I'm leaving my old life behind, but excited because I can redo my room (lame I know, but I find it a good way to express myself. It makes me happy.), and I get to be with my cousins. I love art and drawing, so I'd like to try using art to express my emotions. It might not seem like much on here, but in real life I really feel like I need a way to keep my emotions in check. I'm mostly into drawing anime-style things, but I'm willing to try other things. Does anyone know a good way to do this? I'm not very good at proportions or bodies. I do own many adult coloring books, but I just need another thing. For some reason I'd like to make a schedule- "draw blahblahblah today and draw blepblepblep tuesday." I don't know if that's possible however, so does anyone know a good way to do this? I know this is something I should do myself, but I really don't know how to really express myself through art. Thanks.