Welcome to the world Baby Maximus💙

Hi ladies! Just wanted to share my birth story since I have shared so so much with you all over these 9 months! Last night at about midnight I started having contractions from 4 min to 7 min apart. At 230 am I stood up and my water broke. We got to the hospital at 330 and I was at a 4, progressed fast to a 5, and I got the epidural, Then 7, and by 6 am I was at a 10! The nurses all swore I'd have him before day shift came on at 7. But then we discovered he was stuck on my pelvic muscle , and they suggested I let him move down on his own by laboring for awhile that way he wouldn't needed any assistance , forceps or vacuum. At about 1 pm we hadn't gotten him any lower, so we turned off my epidural so I could feel the contractions and hopefully get him over that hump. I started pushing at 3 pm and he came finallyyyy at 549 pm. That was the hardest time of my life! Without the two nurses I had I would of ended up with a c section I know it. They stayed with me from 3 on and took turns helping the baby with each contraction try and move past my pelvis. They were my godsend. It was a long hard day but the best of my life!