Confused 😕

Ok, so I thought AF had arrived a couple of days ago on CD26, but (TMI alert) I had red CM wen wiped late afternoon and then a spot of brown of CM on tampon just before bedtime. I had some uncomfortable cramps so I instantly thought AF was gonna show up.  
Yesterday (CD27) very mild cramps and again I had a spot brown of CM wen I changed my tampon after a few hours, and the same again just before bedtime. 
I woke up this morning to another brown spot of CM on a tampon. I am experiencing some mild cramps atm, but nothing painful like usual AF. 
I've had spotting just before AF in the past but usually only one day and then AF shows up. 
I'm not overly excited just yet, as I got my hopes up before thinking it was my time and then AF showed up 😕
Just so confused......