Introducing Autumn Rose Alber and advice for those getting c sections

Cera • 23 years old, first pregnancy :)
One week old today :) born 1/14/16 8:18pm 5 pounds 15 ounces 19 inches long. Baby girl wanted to come two weeks early and my water broke :) labored with her for 14 hours some at home 9 hrs in the hospital before having a c section that was planned because of ovarian cyst complications. Happy to report that the cyst ruptured during labor but didn't cause any damage to her, they cleaned the debris from the cyst and my ovary was still in tact and unharmed. So happy that my baby came into the world safe. The c section was a little scary but I had an amazing team of nurses that were so kind and along with my husband stayed with me the whole time. 
I'll leave this post with some words of advice for anyone getting a c section and scared:
The spinal tap didn't hurt at all, a tiny prick and thus is coming from someone who was literally shaking from fear while getting it done.
If you are worried about the catheter get it out in after the spinal tap so you don't feel anything. When they take it out it doesn't hurt at all. 
Have the doctor put in the anti nausea medicine in with the spinal tap, they did this to help the nausea from the anasthesia but I needed a lot more and ended up getting sick. 
Don't worry if you don't hear the cry instantly, it took a few seconds to hear but after I heard my baby cry for the first time it was so amazing I bawled my eyes out lol
Don't forget to have hubby or your birth partner take a few pictures!
After surgery don't be shy about asking for medicine when you first start feeling uncomfortable so that way you're not in a world of pain if you let it go too long. 
Walk the very next day! It'll help a lot and help reduce the chance of blood clots
Lastly, having a c section to me was just as meaningful and wonderful as having a vaginal birth, I brought my daughter into the world safely, my husband was with me the whole time, I heard her cry and held her on my chest for skin to skin and spent time with her before she was taken to get clean and then they brought her immediately back to me. Recovery wise I feel great, there are days where I feel sore at my incision site but nothing horrible like I imagined it would be. I've been up on my feet and able to take care of her at home and breastfeed just like I wanted to. So don't be disappointed if you need a c section, if you have a good doctor and good hospital with a great supportive birth partner you'll have the birth experience you want :)