Problems with SO

So I've been testing for 7 days just to check when I will be ovulating. I got a positive yesterday and today.
​My SO tells me he's too tired to BD :(
​I feel like kicking him in the head. I do all this stuff (check bbt, opks etc) judt to get the timing right and the only thing he has to do, he's not able to?
​We had a fight because according to him, a baby is something that happens and shouldn't be planned to the T. I tried explaining that it's not as easy as he might think and that it probably 2 days each month where you can concieve. We aren't agreeing on this. 
​Seems like it's a pretty small sacrifice men have to do considering everything we do while ttc:ing. 
​Anybody else had the same problem and how did you solve it?