Positive thoughts

I just want to wish everybody positive things... Good things happen in time and when they are Sapose too! There is a reason for everything and even if it discourages you now... It will reveal its reason in time.... I'm not saying time heals anything ( for those of you going through times of discouragement but if you keep an open mind and just let your life takes it's journey... U will see a reason! I send baby dust to all of you trying and to those of you not trying I wish for you happy times ahead! Try and think of it as there is something in your life that you need to do first before you bring a life in! I find it sad that there are so many woman on here who just give up... You are a woman... And the definition of a woman is how you pick urself up after falling down! So go ahead... Build urself so tall and so strong that when you do conceive ... You have a beautiful story :) ❤️