Vbac or repeat c-cessation.

Mercadies • Married 9-8-12!! Have a daughter born in 2007 and a boy who was born on 2-25-15
I had a doctors appointment a few days ago I had to meet up with a backup doctor because where I go there are only midwives I met with a doctor who does C-sections since I had a C-section previously with my other child we discussed a vbac he told me everything that could happen 1/2% of uterine rupture which is 1 in 200 women which kind of freaks me out then he asked me if I had any fears of a vbac and I told him that I do of the uterine rupture and then bleeding and more than likely losing my baby and myself.  Well we decided that at 35 weeks I'll have another ultrasound because my daughter was a just about 9 pounds when she was born and he recommends if I have a another baby that's going to be big to not have a vbac as the risk of uterine rupture goes up. Did anyone else have a success vbac with a big baby.