No sign of AF yet! ☺☺☺☺

Erika • Beauty Blogger and Nutrition Consultant.

My period is right on time and flows down with my morning pee. So far, NOTHING! Earlier this week I did test at 8dpo & 10dpo and got BFN. I promised I'd wait to test till I'm at least 3 days late this time. My boobs are sore and I've felt random mild cramps throughout the day but nothing intense.

I have a lot of CM than normal and pics that are posted here normally don't gross me out but this time I felt so sick even looking at my own lol.

I normally don't get bad cramps and usually get some the 2 days before AF comes to warn me AF is coming.

We also had sex last night and usually when we do that when AF is due she comes down with a vengeance. But nothing! I hope she keeps her ass away for 9 months lol.

I'll be excited if it turns out because my hubs bday is Nov. 26th and I originally wanted to surprise him for our wedding anniversary (10/7) so I hope to be able to this time. ????? Wish me luck!