Artificial Insemination?!

Sarah • TTC #1 for 2 yrs, did 4 rounds of femara, 1st IUI on 11/15 & it worked!!! ? Due 8/8/15 with twins!! ?Praise God! ?
My husband & I have been TTC for almost a year & a half. I had moderate endo & had surgery in June, which hasn't helped much. I have plenty of eggs according to my reserve test, & everything looks good on my end now since the surgery. On the other hand, my husband has had his sperm tested twice & the viscosity has come back thicker than normal both times. Everything else looks good. My fertility specialist recommended a post coital (which we will do tmrw since I'm ovulating today) & depending on the results, she mentioned looking into IUI aka artificial insemination. I'm freaking out!! Have any of you had to go through IUI? How expensive was it & did it work?! Please respond if you know anything about it at all!!