Is it me?

So I went a little crazy in college after me and my fiancé called it off. Honestly I was a wreck and consequently I started sleeping around quite a bit. Well that was about a year ago and I'm over that phase in my life. I met this guy and we shared a lot of the same life experiences. We started seeing each other regularly and talking Almost constantly. One night we got carried away and had sex. Exactly a week after he completely quit talking to me. After asking and asking what had happened he suddenly told me that I had given him and STD. I don't think so...a month before we had sex I went to got tested for STDs because I had contracted BV. My results came back negative and I took medication for the BV and also started treating it naturally so it wouldn't come back. After arguing and arguing I finally went back to the clinic to get tested and my results came back negative even my BV had cleared up! So I'm starting to think he just wanted a reason to walk away after we had sex. I'm also thinking that if he did get anything it was BV because after we had sex I noticed it coming back. But I don't know because he never said what symptoms he had or how he knew he had an STD since he hadn't been tested yet... I just want some honest opinions about this.