Off to the ER...


I had to make an unexpected trip to the ER (although, I don't think trips to the ER are often planned...) on Wednesday night for sudden bleeding.

It wasn't super heavy, more like medium spotting. But enough that every time I wiped it covered the tp and it was bright red. So, of course, the advise nurse tells me to go in since any bleeding in 2nd trimester is suspect.

After being admitted I had bloodwork done to rule out infection and then an ultrasound to check for a heart beat. *cue huge sigh of relief* happy, healthy baby with a strong, regular heart beat. Everything looked great to us.

However, then doctor then come in to tell me I have placenta previa (placenta lying over the cervix) and if it doesn't resolve by third trimester I'll have to have a C section.

Is anyone else experiencing this? While a C section isn't in my birth plan and I'd ultimately like to deliver all naturally like I did previously with my son, the most important thing to me is a healthy baby. So means of arrival is absolutely secondary.

I'd love a previa buddy! I'm 13w 5d today. Due July 31st.