Need your advice

My X-boyfriend and I have been off and on for over two years. Mind you he had a girlfriend for one whole year and I had a friend off and on. Well, through all that I became pregnant. Before I even told my X he made it seem to me it was over between the girlfriend and him. But when I told him I was pregnant his first response was to get an abortion. I refused! We spoke about it then two weeks later we spoke about moving in together and we put money on the apartment. So this weekend he was doing his own thing and I met up with him to find him with a hickey. He then says well we aren't together. He denied it but it was there. I then decided to hit the women up and let her know I am pregnant. Later on that day she showed up with him to his mothers house where I was talking to his mom. The women wanted explanation. So since he wouldn't speak his mom told him in front of all of us since he isn't done with games to proceed with the women and to leave me alone. He then left the house with the women and left me there. He slept over her house then came to my house the next day in her car. He told me his reason to hide the fact he still was talking to her and leading her one was because he wanted to use her for money. But that he wants to be with me and be parents together. Mind you he has a cellphone under her account that I can't call because she has me blocked. Should I give him a chance to live with me and go through the pregnancy?