Are GMO's Evil?

Laura 🔬🔭
This is long but I promise it's some of the most important information you might read today. 
Since the beginning of human kind several hundred thousand years ago, humans have been altering their environments to best accommodate their needs. They built shelters, manipulated fire, skinned animals and created clothing, all of which are not "natural" items, objects that would be found in nature WITHOUT manipulation by humans. 
Agriculture, or the manipulation of "natural" foods in the form of farming the land, was a human development that would change the course of human history forever. It not only introduced a brand new sense of land-ownership (contrary to the previous nomadic nature of humans), but it also allowed humans to alter species of organisms in ways that had never been done before. Plants and animals with favorable characteristics were inbred generation after generation, which produced organisms that were so genetically modified from their "natural" anscestors, they became entirely un-recognizable. Corn in nature for example is slightly brown, and less than 3 inches long, where as our current BBQs consist of long, perfect, yellow, juicy corn. The same has been done with Wolves, which were domesticated and inbred for thousands of years, so much so that we now have chihuahua's being carried around in baby strollers. So in essence, the foods we eat currently have ALL been genetically modified over the past several hundred to thousands of years by humans. It's impossible today to eat anything truly "natural" because even the seeds you plant in your own garden are the products of centuries of genetic modification. 
The DIFFERENCE today, is that some of the most intelligent people in the world have used incredible scientific innovation to speed up this process. We can modify organisms in ONE generation, rather than using 200 or 300 generations to engineer a  desired characteristic. We are using this technology to make agriculture sustainable. To use the decreasing amount of land and space we have to make food and feed the entire world more efficiently. To have less of an environmental footprint in food production. To feed MORE people. To make food CHEAPER. 
And there are problems with GMOS. It's not clear how the inbreeding of these organisms will effect the rest of the environment. However we are combatting this. Genetically modified salmon, for example, are sterile and therefore cannot breed with other salmon species. They are much larger, just as nutritious, and their production has less of an environmental impact as do the farming of ungenetically modified salmon, or even wild salmon.
There has STILL been no evidence showing that modern genetically modified foods are more dangerous that the genetically modified foods we ate 150 years ago. This is because the two aren't any different, one was simply created faster. Big organic companies who claim "non-GMO"  have been instilling fear in people with no actual evidence of the dangerous nature of GMO foods. What's ironic, though, is that organic or not, "GMO" or not, you will always be eating produce that is completely altered from its original form in nature- a severely human-altered form of a "natural" food. Companies make millions of dollars off of this fear. It's the reason they can sell a smaller apple for a bigger price. The reason "Whole Food's" is a 14-billion dollar company for selling overpriced food. 
Every single year, several MILLIONS of children and adults die of starvation or malnutrition. Modern GMO's have, still, NOT killed or made  one single person sick (documented at least), but has only decreased the carbon footprint of agriculture and made it more efficient. It is the future of sustainable agriculture as the world population grows by 1 billion every few decades. 
Don't be fooled by people or companies who tell you GMOS are evil. Ask them for evidence. Ask to see the studies. Don't pay more money for a smaller apple. Don't fall for the anti-intellectualist movement that is plaguing the nation. Do your homework. Get the facts and check your sources. Let's focus on the real issues such as malnutrition and starving children, rather than letting our intimidation of the unknown dismantle our intellectual skills. We need more people who can think critically in this world for progress to continue to be effective. If you read this entire thing, THANK YOU for considering!