Irritated with hubby

So what do you think? My legs have out on me this morning and I fell down a flight of steps. I'm 25 weeks. Pain everywhere no active bleeding. Hubby insists through text since he's at work that I should go get evaluated and not "wait and see". I go in to the Hosp get sent up to OB floor for monitoring and tests. He was supposed to get done with work at 2 but tells me he's staying until 3 to help out and then will pay his phone bill that's due and THEN will come to the hospital. I was decent about it but I won't lie it completely irritated me. I understand maybe having to stay until your scheduled to be done which was 2 o'clock... But to tell them you will stay an extra hour when they offer and then tell me you're going to run an errand before you come just irritated me completely. He has had a prepaid smart phone for as long as I can remember and prefers it that way it doesn't run out until midnight tonight and I told him he could refill it this evening but I wanted him there at the hospital asap. Then he comes says he got his hair cut instead and we can go pay his phone later. Seriously? LOL. Now tell me... Should I be irritated? 

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