Soo miserable!!

Shelby • ! My oldest is two born {1.17.14} & my youngest was born {2.16.16} blessed mommy of two beautiful baby boys!
So I'm 37 weeks & my baby boy is being sooo stuborn... He stil hasn't dropped I'm not dialated but I am soft... I've lost my MP.. Been having BH a lot these past couple days but he is still not budging! Went in Wednesday night around 1 in the morning bc the contractions were so strong I cpupdnt deal was there till Thursday afternoon. With contractions still. The shot they gave me didn't work! Sent me home because I havent progressed! He is constantly in my ribs my hips hurt ect I just don't know what to do I'm so miserable!!!! Does anyone have any advise for me?! I've tried baths water ect ect ect ect.