Would this be annoying to you?

My boyfriend will call me before he goes to bed which makes me happy. I like that we talk on the phone before saying goodnight. But every time we talk on the phone he will get on Facebook, reddit, runescape or something! So while I'm trying to talk to him it's literally silence on the other line. I constantly have to say "hello?" "Did you hear me?" "What did I say?" Or I'll ask a question and I get silence and then 15 seconds later I'm like "well..?" And he says "yeah I heard you I agree" or when I was trying to explain to him why I was upset and then I hear him laughing so hard and I'm like what? And he says "sorry I read something on Facebook" like I'm getting annoyed with this but at the same time I don't know if I'm over reacting. I said "I wouldn't mind if you did all those things if you knew how to still talk to me" but he doesn't really know hooww. What would you do I guess is my question. I really do like that he calls so I don't want that to stop but I don't know what to say to get him to understand.

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