32 years old-16 years on pill- pregnant on first try with #1

Good evening all you ladies!
Well I am still in the shocking mode... Still can't believe it happend!
We are both 32, been together for 12 years. I have been on BC for the last 16 years. 
So we decided to stop taking it last year end of sept. I have read a lot about being on the pill for so long and that it can influence your cycles and you might not ovulate for a year. So I didn't think I would ovulate for the next couple of months but bought the OPK. Got my first big smiley face end of Oct and couldn't believe it. I thought it's a good idea (because taking hormones for half of my life) that I gave my body a chance to readjust and find back to natural cycles. So we went and bought condoms (for the first time in 12 years- and yes we bought some unnecessary stuff along with it, so the cashier wouldn't notice - like teenager).
Started taking prenatals when I got off the pill, also various teas throughout the day (raspberry leafe, cycle tee etc). We are pretty heathy eaters, we are juicing 2-3 times a week (just green juices, only veggies and 1 green apple - no sugar bombs). Years ago I have been diagnosed with a thyroid distinction and taking (very low level) meds.
I am kinda overweight though (5"5 and 188lbs), my hubby is not at all, he is very sporty, does not drink ever. We both do not like dairy products and meat a lot, but have it once in a while. I have a quite stressful job as a CPA and tax season is in full swing this time
of a year ;)
I ovulated again in Nov, we used condoms because I still thought 2 months of adjustment was not enough. In the end of Dec we started a road trip with my parents (visiting from Europe) across the U.S. 
First week of January I ovulated (in Texas ;)
So when I got my big smiley we decided to give it a shot. I even drank 2 glasses of water during the day with 1/2 Teaspoon baking soda (to raise my ph level - we were rooting for a boy - although it does not really matter to us - just wanted to try it) and my hubby drank a glass of Mountain Dew (high caffein), he usually does not like sodas, but who knows, maybe it helped? Me on top first and doggie style during he came. I turned around immediately and put my legs up the Hotel room wall and a pillow under my butt. Waited for about 10 min, then took a shower.
After we came back from the road trip I bought a first response and took it about 8 dpo and it was BFN. Took another dollar store test 2 days later: BFN
So I thought this is it. Let's try next month again. Told my hubby that it did not work out and we have to keep trying.
Then about 14 dpo I had very very light spotting, actually it was just very little slimey red discharge. Also I had all my symptoms the days before AF was due. So I thought this is AF.
A week later: nothing. No AF 
So I thought I am just late. Then I thought maybe give it a shot with another dollar store test and tataaaaaaa very faint but positive!!!
Couldn't believe it!!
This made no sense. Still having these AF-shows-up-in-a day-or-two-symptoms 
So tested again with a first response this morning. Got a faint line as well but other think it's a BFP.
Wow so I am sitting here and still cannot believe it all! 
I have not told him so far. Still have to let it sink in. Also I have no idea to tell him. Wanted to make something special out of it. 
Wow, this is all so unbelievable!!
Just to let you know: I don't know if any of the stuff we did or we ate or prenatals we took, is to blame but it worked for us. Also 2 close friends of my are pregnant as well (4 weeks ahead of me). Baby dust is in the air!
Sorry for this long post ;)
Just wanted to share and baby dust to all of you fabulous ladies!!!