I kept getting super faint lines on the tests. So I of course wanted to wait until I had a more clear line before I took a digital. But my SO wouldn't be fully excited/believe it until he saw it stated. He was too nervous of false positives. Even after 5 in a row. So I said forget it!! I'm taking this test and praying it says pregnant so I don't get discouraged, even though I know I am!! I can just feel it. Maybe it was the morning sickness and the cramps. But maybe it was also the feeling in my gut that this was my time. This is my mouth. It's going to happen and I'm going to have a beautiful healthy 9 months. So I took that digital test and I impatiently waited with my fingers crossed(as if that would help!) and bam!!! It popped up!! Pregnant!!! And as I still say on the toilet, screaming for my SO and he came in and saw he, still sitting on the toilet dripping pee. He began kissing me and making out and screaming and showing his excitement. As disgusting as it sounds. It was also the best moment of my life. Seeing that positive, and now finally seeing my SO show his excitement and hearing him say "I'm so excited!!!" Just gave me so much hope!!! I'm so happy. My parents, my sister, my grandparents, his mom, our other couple friends, and then one friend each all know. Still so many to tell, but going to wait until 3 month before telling everyone. It happens ladies!!! TTC for 4 months. We got together when I was 15 and he was 19. I'm now 18 and he's 22. We lost our virginities to each other. We both have never had any other children. Almost 4 years together, going extremely strong. We have the absolute best relationship! We have a lot to do between now and the birth. Any tips or ideas to make this pregnancy the best/or easier. Or even the birth or first year are all greatly appreciated. We couldn't be more excited and my SO and I will continue to pray and hope for everyone to get there BFP!! We're sending baby dust your way!!! Thank you to glow for all the help!!! And I will be completely honest!!! We stopped scheduling and tracking and even thinking about it. It's so so hard to do. But I still updated glow everyday, I just didn't look at the community posts. And I didn't pay attention to my big O week just have sex! Just have fun! Just be in love and in the moment. Nothing is more important then your SO and the present!!! Always keep your head up and have faith in yourself!!! Ladies, your day will come!!! I'm 3 weeks and 3 days today. And I can just feel the best pregnancy is slowly but surely approaching me in the months to come!!