Food for thought

Today was the first time my daughter has ever faced racism and it wasn't even towards her. I never thought that at the innocent age of 6 she'd have to face such realities. 
Two of my daughters friends have been bullying each other, and my daughter was in the middle. The black girl is the only black girl in the class of 22 kindergarteners. A white girl had been telling the black one that she only plays with light skinned people, not dark skinned. My daughter told me that when she heard the bullying, she went up to the white girl and told her not to say mean things to people because every one has feelings and every one has a heart. (Something we told her when she was hesitant about playing with a child who had obvious physical "differences". Her white friend then told my daughter that since she was "light" skinned (she's  Hispanic/White) that they could be friends but NOT friends with the black girl. When my daughter said she'd tell on her, the white girl decided to raise her hand and tell the Sub that my daughter had yelled at her. Total bs. The sub didn't even ask for both sides and I'm assuming she figured it'd be easier to just reseat my daughter. When my husband and I went to pick her up, she was balling her eyes out. Of course we were worried and that's when she told me the entire scenario. I immediately emailed the teacher for a conference concerning "social issues". 
The point of my post is that children hear every thing, even when you think they're oblivious. Racism is taught, no child is born hating someone for being "different". For an hour we sat down and explained to my daughter as best we could to a six year old what racism was, why it's wrong, and why she was right and courageous for standing up for her friend. At the end, she told me this
"We're all like the rainbow mommy, different colors but beautiful right?" And I couldn't have said it better myself. My daughter showed me today what a big heart she has, how mature she is for being so young, and how love shines through the people you love. I'm so proud of her. 
Just remember that you're making an impression on those little eyes looking up to you.