Major Relief for Gals on The Pill

Hey all! 
I see a lot of posters who are worried they may be pregnant while on the pill. 
Who hasn't been there? 
I personally have never missed a pill and think I might be pregnant every time I feel nauseous or tired! Though if we're being completely honest, I was paranoid about being pregnant before I was sexually active. I'm a worrier. 
It's hard to see how birth control works and even harder to feel vulnerable to something so life altering. Be easy on yourself. 
A couple ways to relieve worries: 
-have a couple pregnancy tests on hand for those just in case moments! 
-read your leaflet thoroughly (everyone says that but it's so true) 
-stock condoms you like for those slip ups so you don't have unprotected sex when you miss pills 
-get your partner educated along with you! If you are both making sure that you are protected it is a lot easier to stay on top of things 
-trust the science, it's amazing 
These are really basic tips but they would've helped me when I was starting out. Good luck ladies hope this helps! 💕🍌😘🐝🍑