Family trouble and divorce


* long post!/rant*

My sweet little family has been caught in the middle of a divorce of a brother in law, I'm starting to pull my hair out!

Back story, my husband and I rent a great home that my in-laws are using as income property. We wanted to rent from them because of the great schools around and safe neighborhood for families etc and they had furniture we could have as well, which we needed 😊 Now I'm totally cursing the day we decided to live there!

One day last september my brother in law took off to come see his family after, frankly a very stupid argument with his wife (not telling us it was a divorce situation in mind) and wanted to come up from out of state to be away and "clear his head" for a few days, we had an extra "room" in the house we rent, which is basically our study and after my in laws suggested we give that to him while he's going through a hard time, I said he could stay sense he can't afford hotels until he figured things out, but temporary as I did NOT want anyone living with us long term we just got the place!

Well a few days later, he quits his job moved his crap to our house after my MIL told him he could stay "as long as needed" sticking her nose where it does not belong, in my house and has turned what should have been a month tops into months! We have no end in sight.

We literally cannot kick him out as "Its their house" But we pay rent utilities to them, BIL pays nothing!

During this time we are also going through a miscarriage 😩 which shattered my world and for being in the same house with us dident even care to comment.

Anyways he filed for divorce (happened a week after showing up) and is in the process of divorce and acting insane.

In the mean time to our shock but not total surprise started a fling with a woman a week after getting the process started! 😠😡😤👎

Then he got (by some dumb luck)

A decent job again we thought he might plan to leave, but nope!


He's 35!

But acting like a teenager, eating our food without asking, using our stuff, walking around the house like he owns it, taking my stuff without really asking, nailing holes in the walls, acting like a total D-bag.

He knows we think he's acting like a inconsiderate dick.

We have kindly expressed our frustrations to him multiple time and even yelled at him but and I quote "Does not care what I think" he's trying to "save money"

so he won't just get his own place and he does not care the kind of stress it puts on us at all. He pushing us around taking advantage of our good natures . His mother told me to get along and basically suck it up! Am I 15?

Mean while he's off now every weekend on a trip to see his girl across the state and party with her spending money he's supposedly saving and I can't say anything of how unfair this whole situation is because it will cause a rift and ultimately get us out on the street early.

We are trying to get out but it may take a few more weeks, we aren't made of money! I don't even know how to handle it! The manipulation from him, my mother in law, the fact that he's treating my ex sister in law like garbage. Its all around not what we needed!