Do any of you have Eczema or had experience with it?

I have pretty severe eczema on my hand... It's horrible. I feel like everyone who sees it and doesn't know me as a person judges me, like it's contagious, (which it's not) and disgusting. I know it's disgusting, and extremely embarrassing... I literally try to hide my hand from people. 
I've tried so many creams, the only one that's really soothed it, yet sometimes burns, is the California Baby Company Eczema cream, I've used it for a good year and it sometimes helps it go away some, but never ever completely, it's not extremely cheap, but it's affordable and lasts a long time. 
And I just started using Derma-aced Deep Therapy Cream, which is pretty pricy, but it seems to be getting rid of some of the eczema... Slowly. 
I know eczema is caused by food allergies, (mainly), stress and some genetic factors as well. I'm worried that I may have to cut gluten, dairy and eggs out of my diet, which equals like my entire diet... 😰
What have you tried to get rid of it, that's actually worked?

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