His mother told us before we knew

Ok the day before i found out i was pregnant my child's father came to me and said "Hey are you pregnant?" I was like huh why would you even ask that? Cause we were both under the impression that i could not have anymore children being my last pregnancy ending because of a ectopic pregnancy which my tube had to b removed. But he asked because his mother told him she had a dream where she was holding a chocolate babygirl with curly hair. He said she didnt have a dream about any other children he was suppose to have i say suppose to cause the other got abortions...smh (which im not gonna lie i was truly thinking about) she told him well this one isnt going to get rid of it cause in my dream i was holding and watching her...lol so i wanted to know has anyones mom had a dream like that before and was it the actual sex of the baby??