Our early surprise

Due 2/8 our ray of sunshine made her debut 1/28 (38 weeks 3 days) 430am I woke up to use the restroom. I noticed right away something had leaked. It looked like a mix of the mucus plug and fluid so I called L&D and they said to put a pad on and let them know if it soaks through. Also if contractions start and have more than 8 in an hour to call. By 605am the first contraction started. Only one other time did I notice a tiny bit of fluid come out and was still unsure if it was the amniotic bc of how little the amount. Thought maybe it was increased discharge. Anyway, now where the fun begins. .. each contraction lasted between 30-60 seconds, 1:30-3 minutes apart. It hit me like a train in other words. My husband was about to leave at 630am and i told him this is serious enough to where i don't feel I'll be able to drive myself to the hospital if they continue. We headed out the door by 730 (still had to pack the hospital bag Whoops !) Arrived at the hospital at 820am. They checked my dialation and was told I was at 9cm and that they needed me in a labor room immediately. By 9am they had me in a room and hooked me up to an IV and informed me that there would be no time for a medicated birth. Luckily she said the pain I was feeling was as bad as it would get and if I relaxed and puppy dog breathed through it, that it would be fine. It was terribly uncomfortable but it actually worked really well for me and made the pain not as unbearable. By 930am I was ready to push and at 1022am our baby girl arrived 7lbs 9oz 20 3/4in. O did tear second degree bc she decided to bring an arm with her as she punched her way through. I never felt the tear, only the ring of fire sensation. I had about 7 nurses and a midwife come into the room to tell me how impressed they were, especially since it was my first time. My labor lasted 3 hours and 17 minutes from first contraction to being ready to push and about an hour of pushing. Whole ordeal from water breaking to baby arriving was just under 6 hours. I had no idea as a first time mom, this could happen to me that quickly but I don't regret anything and i feel like a mother fking badass delivering with no meds!