Zika virus bug spray 😱

I live in Texas right on the gulf and Louisiana border. We are surrounded by swamps which equals mosquitos that can pick you up and carry you away. 6 cases so far have been reported in Texas. I understand these are people who traveled out of the country but of course I do what I do best when I'm pregnant...worry. I went looking for natural Deet free mosquitos repellent but every thing smells so strong and horrible to my already sensitive nose. I swear the two I found last night is the same stuff that is put on the horses. It said natural but it smelled so strong. I would either get a migraine or throw up. I know I might be over reacting about the mosquitos but it is better to be safe than sorry. I don't want to be one of those women who call every time I get a mosquitos bite. Has anyone found anything that doesn't smell so bad. I know it's not organic or natural but I was wondering if skin so soft would be ok?Β