Rant.. Sorry..

Juno • 20 years old, happily engaged and pregnant with my June baby
I've made it clear that anyone who is continuously disrespectful towards my husband or myself will not be allowed in our baby's life. I don't know how anyone else feels on that but, I don't want my kid watching someone disrespect their father or I and then think that it's okay for them to do that because their grandparents are. Okay, so, my mother has been trying to control every decision we make for our son. I don't find it disrespectful as much as I do for it being annoying.. But there are times where she treats my husband like he's not going to be apart of his sons life, I understand because I grew up with it always just being her doing everything while my dad went and cheated and got drunk. But I stood up to her and told her to knock it off or she won't be allowed to see my son.. Shockingly she didn't rip my head off, and understood that my husband and I are adults who are fully aware the first child can some times be stressful. His mother on the other hand, has threatened to take our child to the other side of the state just because she doesn't like me (she has said this to my face and my husbands..) Has said I need to be working not my husband, and tries constantly to put me down and make me feel like I should just leave. The other day to my husband she said "just leave her and take the baby, she's just some whore who got lucky and laid under a great guy" he walked away not even acknowledging it.. He tells me all the time on how my mom is such a bitch and she should never see our son, he says his mom just won't be left alone with him.. He says he'll tell her off before she heads back over the mountain (she's visiting so she can spend time with him) but I don't know if thats ever going to happen..