VBAC or Repeat Cesarean???

With my first, my water broke on it's own in the middle of the night and I ended up with a c-section 24 hours later. Labor progressed slowly and by the time it was finally time to push (18hours later) I was exhausted as I was only allowed to have Popsicles throughout the day. I pushed for 4 long hours before having an ultrasound which determined she was sunny side up. It was midnight by the time the cesarean was completed and my baby spent the first 7 hours of her life in the nursery while I slept through the night. I missed the first important hours with her and we both had a long recovery.
Part of me wants to plan a cesarean so I'm not so exhausted by the time my baby boy comes into this world and we can bond the way I'd like to but then again I don't feel like I'm giving myself a fair shot. My doctor says its up to me. I know each labor is different but I don't want to go through all of that again. I am so torn on what to do.
Anyone else in the same boat/ been through a similar situation/ have any thoughts on this subject??