A Yearning For Love: A Poem Inspired By My Guy Friend

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary and I`m a college student. Been with PCOS for 17 years. I like volunteering and playing with my phone.
Is there such a place
Much more than bliss? 
If there is I am there
When I am with you. 
I feel you there 
When you are not
With me. 
In the kiss of the wind
The warmth of the sunshine 
A sound of steady raindrops
Pelting through the window
I hear you 
At the edge beyond a whisper
The rhapsody of a ballad 
Overtakes me 
As I see a life 
Full of struggles and ardor
On a path meant for two
A glance from you
Can do to me
What a caress of lips could do
From another
It's beyond comprehension 
For me what would occur
If lips do find their way
Between us
I shutter in adulation 
At its mere mention
As stifled passions break free
And euphoria fills in 
Where nothing seemed 
To lack before!