Lucero • Mommy of 2.♡
If you have a baby then I would be very freaking carful with ParentHood baby wipes they are the worst!! They make me so mad!😡 they have Fiber glass on them they don't check them yet stores still sell them I noticed when my baby girl cried when I wipped her bottom she Then started to bleed I thought to myself well maybe she has a rash i put baby rash cream on till the next day her bum was fine! So than she went poop and I once again wipped her and she started to bleed she had no rash the first or second time then that's when I checked the wipes and they all had some type of sparkle to them I noticed it was fiber glass and it all made since it was the stupid wipes that were making her bleed I feel so bad for buy them... be careful with your little ones and Check the wipes no matter what brand they are.