Low Progesterone

Hi girls, I posted about this in the TTC area and didn't get much of a response so thought I'd try my luck here.
​Sorry in advance for the long post. I've been TTC for 10 months now and just got my blood test results from CD5 and CD21.. Turns out my progesterone is super low on CD21 - it was just under 7 and should be over 30. My doctor is going to get me to have some further testing at the hospital. He thinks I may not be ovulating - which to me is like a kick in the guts, 10 cycles of ups and downs, sometimes hopeful sometimes teary, turns out I may not have had a chance all this time.
​What I'm really looking for is someone that's been through this - what treatments did you end up needing, how long would it take to correct something like this. I was so hopeful, just this morning I was thinking of buying a pregnancy test.. ended up buying myself more folic acid instead.