Rant- unbearably uncomfortable

Jenn • First time momma here, due March 2nd. Fiance and i are so excited to meet our little girl, Evangeline Catherine 👶💕

Haven't had decent sleep in weeks. I'm dialated to 2 (at least) at 36 weeks, and little one is constantly shoving against my guts. Pushing up on my stomach, so I must stifle my own vomit, while she bears down on my bladder forcing me to pee every 15 minz. My pelvis is opening up, which feels like ive been kicked repeatedly in the crotch. This sciatica is so bad I have to be careful that I don't collapse under the sudden sharp pain when standing/walking/ moving any which way. Restless legs are constantly buzzing, like they are taking turns being electrocuted, which is very unpleasant and impossible to sleep through. When i can sleep, hormonal surges cause me to wake up drenched in sweat and leaky boobs. I'm constantly winded. Always hangry ( yes, angrily hungry). Constipated. Cankles.

Late 3rd trimester vent sesh, anyone else?