Boyfriend is positive that I'm pregnant

My boyfriend is positive that I'm pregnant, in no way we're we trying but he finished inside of me on December 29 and my period was due 9 days later and instead I got cramps for days and brown discharge and light spotting(usually I only cramp an hour before and I'm a heavy bleeder) so I started experiancing symptoms abnormal to my usually body 2 weeks after that and now I missed my second period and I got cramps and light pink blood and just alittle of it. On December 29 I was away and my birth control was mixed up because of time difference and I think I missed a few pills. He's positive I am because of how different I am acting I am very hormonal a lot more than usual( I understand before period and after for a bit but it's been constantly) I am bloated, cramping, craving foods constantly, so tired I basically want to go to be at 10 in the afternoon usually I'm a night owl. I can't stop eating, I started snoring, and my back is so sore. I took a test on January 8th and it came back negative and I took another a week and a half later. Just a note they were all taken in the late afternoon. I would really appreciate help.