Anyone else not feeling all that "bonded" with their baby??

In the first trimester I was so excited! Second trimester I was ever more excited and happy. Baby was kicking and it felt was really weird and cool and new. And hubby was excited and was wanting feel the baby. Now that I'm in my third trimester...things kinda "cooled down"... Yes I feel baby kicks but not as often and they feel different than they used to be. Hubby hasn't been able to feel the baby either. He doesn't wait for them anymore either. He puts his hand on my stomach for a little while but if she doesn't kick within 30 sec to a minute he gives up and takes his hand off..idk what's wrong with me.. I'm not as excited as I used to be. I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant now...yes I have symptoms like swelling in thighs and feet and easily tired but that's it...I don't feel connected with my baby. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this post about being ungrateful and all but plz don't post if your going to bash me. I love my baby more than anything and would do anything for her and I am very grateful! Me and my husband had been trying for two years!! And I'm sure once the baby is here in my arms I will feel totally different but I just think that with my family totally blowing me off and seeming not to care about my pregnancy...and seeming annoyed talking about it..I guess that ...and not excited about labor has put a damper on my feelings right now.